Hands in Soil

Rooted in Hope Together

Together We Grow

The concepts of farming, harvesting and cultivation can also be applied to modern day societal goals.


Join our family on the mission to protect, cultivate, and grow at risk youth into greatness.

Make a Donation

Being a donor is much more than just giving money. You help plant the seeds of success into the future of young minds.

People holding plants in their hands
In it together

Building Stronger Roots

The Hands in Soil builds communities through leveraging fundamental agricultural concepts to create transformative leaders that are respectful and patient during healing and cultural changes

100% Commitment


Hands In Soil requires 100% commitment of every approved employee and volunteer. Our policy implementation of programs, projects, volunteer opportunities, and community events exist to create unity through mutual respect of the time every volunteer and worker is donating.

Connected By More

Relationships First

“Relationships First” is our motto. At Hands In Soil, we see mentoring as an opportunity for the mentor and mentee to engage in conversations and activities that will lead to a life-long relationship with youth and their families.

African american girl holding a plant seedling while sitting on her desk in class at school

"We constantly look for miracles in events
but forget they occur with every breath."