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About Us

Rooted In Hope Together

Hands In Soil uses agricultural concepts to empower a focused group of teens we identify as exploited. Research and data reveal that through aggressive marketing designed to over-stimulate their minds, buried is their conscious ability to reason consequences and rewards. At the Hands In Soil, we cultivate relationships through listening to youth and applying tools designed to stimulate positive thinking.

Hands In Soil focuses on disruptive and innovative programming, implemented to address their specific cognitive needs. The standards of our practices include youth created initiative, integration into their community, and the inevitable results of a stronger society. Participation in enrichment classes or tutoring is required for Hands In Soil Membership.

How We Effect Change

Our Methods

We apply sociolinguistics to experiences, incidents, stories and observations by members of the community that would otherwise be influenced through potentially harmful language. We desire to be intentional about observing the words we speak and say, respecting the body of language and emotions that represent our personalities. The concepts found in environmental planting and replanting ask that we don’t change or uproot what we have but rather, bring what we have into an agreed upon nurturing environment. It’s here, with servitude, that we can be the individual’s and the community’s facilitators and catalyst for change.






Our Founder

Art Butler

Our Founder

Art Butler

Art Butler has served internationally and domestically with mission-minded charitable organizations for over 30 years. His accomplishments include event coordinator for goodwill. While there are many highlights, his work as coordinator of the “George Foreman Goodwill Tour” in 1995, across three countries in 14 days, brought he and his team into lasting relationships with leaders in Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. In addition to international goodwill, Art has served in homeless shelters, halfway houses, hospitals and correctional facilities on the east coast of the United States. 

He is happily married to Ann-Marie for more than 22 years. They have three wonderful children. Art and Ann-Marie have served together in various ministries in New York and Florida. Their passion is for the healing of families, marriages and abandoned children. Over the past nine years, Art has assisted church leaders with counseling families in crisis. He has also served at area hospitals, homeless shelters, group homes and prisons. 

From 1983 – 1988 Art’s educational journey includes advanced studies in radio/television broadcasting at Hofstra University in New York and International Studies in Mandarin at East China Normal University in Shanghai, Peoples Republic of China. He has certifications in numerous state of the art broadcasting and post production systems. 

Finally, Art’s passion is for prayer. You can find Art, Ann-Marie and many others inspirational prayers on Social Media. He has a dream of launching a 24 hour channel of testimonies, devotions, songs, and more importantly, prayer. If you like to learn more about Art’s prayer ministry, feel free to contact him via email: heartsforprayer79@gmail.com or Direct Messaging on Social Media @heartsforprayer.

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Being a donor is much more than just giving money. You help plant the seeds of success into the future of young minds.